What are the benefits to YOU as a SELLER, for selling a home with a Lease Option???


  1. You can receive the MAXIMUM FULL PRICE for your property (No “low ball offers”)
  2. It doesn’t matter if you have LITTLE or NO EQUITY in your house
  3. There are NO REAL ESTATE COMMISSIONS to pay
  4. There are NO PRICE REDUCTIONS from a stagnant listing languishing on the market
  5. Your LOAN PRINCIPAL gets PAID DOWN further until the sale is completed
  6. You enjoy QUALITY TENANTS, who take care of the house that will soon be THEIR HOME
  7. You have NO MANAGEMENT HASSLES since the tenant-buyer is responsible for ALL repairs under $500 and you can receive GUARANTEED ON TIME PAYMENTS 
  8. You keep the generous TAX SAVINGS on investment properties until the buyer closes.
  9. You won’t be making mortgage payments on an EMPTY HOUSE, nor exposing your vacant house to potential vandalism or hazard insurance policy cancellation.
  10. You won’t have to endure endless MONTHS OF SHOWINGS to potential buyers.


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